Saratoga UNRESTRICTED Permit

Once a Saratoga county resident has held his/her restricted handgun license for one (1) year or longer, they may then register for the Saratoga Unrestricted Handgun License Course.  This eight (8) hour course is ONE of the mandatory requirements for those residents wishing to apply for an Unrestricted License.

The successful completion of this course does NOT guarantee
the licensing officer will issue the applicant an unrestricted license.

Successful completion of the Advanced Firearms Course is just ONE of several requirements mandated for the issuance of an unrestricted handgun license in Saratoga County.

Saratoga Unrestricted Handgun License Course

Course fee: $200

This eight (8) hour course consists of three core components:
1) Classroom instruction in the law (Article 35, SAFE Act and other sections) – includes written exam
2) Best practices of MANDATORY safe gun handling, handgun operation, storage and maintenance of firearms
3) Live-fire range qualification

Participants must achieve a minimum score of 85% on the written exam and a minimum score of 85% on the live-fire qualification, to successfully complete the course.

Applicants must show they can SAFELY operate, handle and store their firearm at all times during their course participation.  Any participant who fails to follow the MANDATORY RULES of firearm SAFETY will be IMMEDIATELY dismissed from the course without refund.

It is STRONGLY recommended each applicant engage in SUBSTANTIAL practice in the SAFE handling and operation of their firearm, as well as SUBSTANTIAL marksmanship pratice with his/her firearm, PRIOR to registering for this course.

Class instruction alone, on safe and proficient ways to operate a firearm, may be insufficient for the applicant to properly prepare to pass the live-fire component of the course.

Click HERE to view the required Course-of-Fire

NOTE: The successful completion of this course does NOT guarantee the licensing officer will issue the applicant an unrestricted license. The applicant’s failure may qualify as “good cause” for the denial of an unrestricted license. Penal law section 400.00[1][g].


Course Requirements:

You MUST arrive at the classroom with your firearm UNLOADED and in a LOCKED CASE
Your firearm MUST be UNLOADED, secured with a trigger or cable LOCK and CASED.

AMMUNITION is to be stored SEPARATELY AND SECURELY from your firearm


What to Bring to the Course:

  • Pistol of your choice – (Centerfire only. NO .22s ALLOWED)
  • 2 – 4 magazines for semi-automatic pistols - Magazines must be SAFE Act compliant - capable of holding 10 rounds or less.
  • 2 – 4 speed-loaders for revolvers (more is better)
  • 150 rounds of commercially available ammunition (no reloads allowed)
  • Hearing protection (electronic hearing protection STRONGLY recommended)
  • Eye protection
  • Belt capable of supporting a holstered pistol (holster NOT required)
  • Driver License (current and valid)
  • Pistol License
  • Reading glasses (if required)
  • Pad / paper for notes
  • BLACK pen
  • COMPLETED “Duplicate Pistol Permit Form” (Click HERE for form) – COMPLETED for ALL handguns on your current license
  • COMPLETED “Amendment Form” (Click HERE for form) – COMPLETED with ALL requested information
  • Review Article 35 (Click HERE for document)
  • Comfortable clothing (classroom and range – weather appropriate)
  • Comfortable footwear (classroom and range – weather appropriate)

Cellphones will be collected at the start of class and available to students during scheduled breaks.  You may NOT access your cellphone during class time.


CLASSROOM ADDRESS:  Refer to Your E-mailed Registration Confirmation for Class Location


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